An advanced, modern system for fully automated insect photography, identification and monitoring.

Photography and identification

Hi-tech monitoring of biodiversity

Autonomous and intelligent system

Day and night, 7 days a week, in the Netherlands

The system consists of an intelligent camera (with screen) placed outside in the field. Photos are transferred to a central server via a data connection. There the photos are analysed.

Works everywhere, including the rest of the world

So far, the camera has been used for detecting flying insects, but it can also be used for crawling insects and other invertebrates.

Trends of insect species & populations

The ultimate goal is to monitor the numbers and biomass of different types of insects in order to identify and understand the trends in insect decline.


6 participating provinces in 2021

Cameras in 2021

Number of insect species in the Netherlands


Autonomous data collection

at all locations


Species, numbers and

biomass determination


Monitoring and trends
of populations



For more information about the camera and ordering options, visit Faunabit's website.

For general information about Diopsis or about the insect monitoring project in six provinces in the Netherlands, please contact Chantal Huijbers: chantal.huijbers@naturalis.nl