DIOPSIS insect camera 2

February 4, 2021

User-friendly nature photography platform

In 2020 a new camera was designed based on the experiences with version 1. This autonomous intelligent camera takes high-resolution images of insects day and night. Species, biomass and numbers can be determined by automatic image recognition. The system consists of a lightweight backpack, in which batteries and the camera can be transported. The backpack can be comfortably carried through the field to the place of destination. There, the camera can be positioned with a simple movement and set up using a camera management web portal. A UV reflective screen is integrated in the housing and can be fixed with a click. To prevent unwanted crops from appearing on the photos, there is the option of raising the unit from ground level by folding out the 4 legs.

Overview of the DIOPSIS camera components
The camera has a specially designed circuit board with multiple functions. See the overview above.

For more information on the website of the manufacturer Faunabit, see https://faunabit.eu/.

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