Early birds radio: Intelligent system recognizes insects

8 June 2020

Vroege Vogels broadcast this radio clip on 5 June. Theo Zeegers, EIS knowledge centre insects, was interviewed at former airbase Soesterberg. The fragment starts at 2:31:40 on https://www.bnnvara.nl/vroegevogels/audio/545062.

Early birds wrote: "For a year now there have been 'smart' cameras scattered throughout the Netherlands that measure the position of insects. The project was started as a result of a German study which showed that in 27 years time the insect position, measured in biomass, has deteriorated by 75%. To keep a finger on the pulse, this system, Diopsis, has been introduced. The first results have been published per camera on the website. The analysis of the data has yet to take place. It is expected that next year intelligent insect cameras will come on the market that anyone can place in their garden. Then you can not only participate in the research, but also find out for yourself what insects occur day and night in your garden".

Photo: Intelligent insect camera at former airbase Soesterberg - Henny Radstaak

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